Mirai Supply company’s goals

What do people look for when travelling...

Escape from a daily routine...
Making memories...
Each person has his own purpose, but there is a common opinion about how to create a new "future".
We provide help for people who want to make “future”, that is why our company was named Future Supply Co., Ltd. to become a wonderful new start.

Company overview

Company name: Mirai Supply Co., Ltd.

Establishment: Heisei 20 (2008), December 5

Location address: Nagasaki-ken, Nagasaki-shi, Shindaiku-machi 1-7, 2nd Floor
Postal code 850-0017
TEL:095-800-2989/ FAX: 095-800-2068

Representative: Representative Director Tetsuji Koyama

Nagasaki prefecture governor Travel Business Registration 2-184 / A regular member of All Nippon Travel Association ANTA

Business Bank: Shinwa Bank Ohato(oohato) Branch, Mizuho Bank Nagasaki Branch, Mizuho Bank (Moscow)

lawyer Hiroaki Kitazume
Tax Account Office Sahara Tetsuzo