Nagasaki city One Day Sightseeing Bus Finished

Recommended 1 day trip Runs Daily Nagasaki city One Day Sightseeing Bus Tour

This is a number 1 bus tour, visiting the most popular tourist spots and sightseeing!
[Implementation period] From 22 of January 2019 to 31 of March 2019
[Minimum number of people] 1 person

  • Enjoy lunch (free mealtime) and shopping at a shopping complex.
  • Automatic Multilingual Audio Guide
  • Apply until 4:00 PM the day before!

From 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Duration: 6 and a half hours

Meal: No (free mealtime)

長崎 nagasaki

Tour price

Age Price
Adults (16 years old and above) ¥6,200
Elementary/Junior High school (6 to 15 years old) ¥5,000
Pre-school children (0 to 5 years old) ¥0

* Buy a children's ticket for children under six who require their own seat.

Automatic Multilingual Audio Guide

Automatic Multilingual Audio Guide

  • Please use the automatic audio guide for an explanation of each sightseeing spot. Select the language of your choice on this small receiver.
  • Choose from a selection of six languages: Japanese / Russian / English / Chinese(Mandarin) / Korean / Spanish

Course description

  • Departure station (side of the police station)

    Departure Time 10:30 AM
    * Please be at the meeting spot 10 minutes before departure time.

  • Peace Park (Bus Window)

    View the Peace Statue and Peace Park created in dedication to world peace through the bus window.

  • Nyoko-Do (Bus Window)

    View the symbol of Dr. Takashi Nagai’s spirit of eternal peace and neighborly love through the bus window.

  • Urakami Cathedral (Bus Window)

    Rebuilt after atomic bomb devastation. The remains of the bell tower, which fell along with the bell, can be viewed from the bus window.

  • Atomic Bomb Museum (1 hour)

    Experience exhibits showing the threat of atomic bombs and the horror of radiation exposure, as well as the history that led to the dropping of the atomic bomb.

  • One-Legged Torii (Bus Window)

    A torii (gateway) located 900 meters southeast of the epicenter that was damaged in the blast. View its current form as it stands on just one pillar through the bus window.

  • Mirai Nagasaki Cocowalk (2 hours/free lunchtime)

    Enjoy lunch (free mealtime) and shopping at a shopping complex.
    Meals are not included in the tour price.

  • Mount Inasa (1 hour)

    Enjoy spectacular views of Nagasaki from a spot recognized as one of the top three night views in the world.

  • Dejima (50 minutes)

    View the remains and buildings of the only trading post in Japan that was opened to the West.

  • Departure station (side of the police station)

    Arrival Time: 5:00 PM