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Full of exotics Nagasaki...
Full of beautiful nature Okinawa, that is located at the southernmost point of Japan...
And please enjoy a magnificent trip to cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and other places of such wonderful country – Japan!

Recommended touristic plan

Destination Okinawa

The island of everlasting summer. Tokonatsu no Shima.

The Ichariba Chode of Okinawa

The Island of everlasting summer is Japan's southernmost prefecture, which is the only one area in Japan with subtropical climate and a year round lasting warm and nice to live in, surrounded by sea and wrapped in beautiful flowers and greenery in every way.
Until 1609, Okinawa as an independent Ryukyu Kingdom had traded with such countries as China (Ming), Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Under those countries' influence, the peculiar culture of Okinawa (craft, buildings, music etc.) was made of.
In addition, inspired of Ichariba Chode (Friends and Family meeting Day, Brother's Day; greeting) strong, bright and full of humanity citizens of Okinawa are being very gentle to foreigners.